The NIP is a multidisciplinary, industry-facing R&D community based at the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Engineering. We aim to connect companies facing technical challenges with world-class experts who are committed to having real world impact. We believe that while good things happen when people collaborate to innovate, great things happen when they do so shoulder-to-shoulder.


CLAIRE BENNETT | Industry Engagement Programme Lead

Claire is a relationship manager for the Faculty of Engineering. She leads a programme of industry-focussed engagement activities, designed to make connections and grow mutually rewarding partnerships between industry professionals and University staff and students.  A significant part of this initiative has been to nurture the growth of the Newmarket Innovation Precinct, which now welcomes eight companies as NIP co-locators and members at Newmarket Campus.

“My passion is people, building supportive communities and creating opportunities for people to connect on new ideas.  I want to enable people to thrive in their chosen fields, achieve lofty goals and share their journeys of learning and success with others”.


I’m an international student from Germany and the Regional Ambassador for ‘Technische Universität Dresden’. I’m completing my PhD in Civil Engineering looking at improving the hydraulic design of culverts, for the passage of small fish, such as whitebait.

I’m an international student who hails from India. I am completing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering on the formability of commercial timbers and investigating its fire properties at the Centre for Advanced Composite Materials. I’m interested in making links with innovative companies. I’m also a semi-professional cricketer.

I hail from sunny Nigeria. I’m currently a PhD student in Civil Engineering working to develop a framework for livelihood preparedness. I’m passionate about business and new enterprise.

I’m an international student from India, pursuing a PhD in mechanical engineering, working on the wet compression moulding process. I love interacting with people and am passionate about teaching students.

I am an international student from Nepal. I am doing my PhD in Civil Engineering, working to understand the hydrodynamic features preferred by fish species under different flow conditions. I am passionate about hydraulics and its relationship to aquatic habitat.