We have a strong community of industry representatives from a variety of companies. Below you can see those with a membership, those who co-locate and people who make use of hotdesk opportunities. 

We also have a collection of full articles and case studies that illustrate the impact our community have had. 

Douglas Nutrition | Co-locators since May 2017

Sector: Food & beverage
Representatives: Roger Gower and Sarita Males
Staff connections: Irina Boiarkina, Joanne Todd, Brent Young, Sally Poppitt

Our longest serving co-locator, Douglas Nutrition, develops and commercialises high-value, NZ-made nutritional products designed to support the wellbeing of infants and mothers for the New Zealand and Export markets, particularly China. Roger Gower describes their relationship with NIP as perfect for a small, growth-oriented business that can benefit from having an office space with close access to potential research partners, facilities and expertise.

Invoke AR | Co-locators since July 2019

Sector: Mixed Reality
Representatives: Geoffrey Zink, Charles Bridger and Akram Darwazeh
Staff connections: Nasser Giacaman, Vicente Gonzalez, Kent Lee, Uwe Rieger, Yinan Liu

Invoke develops virtual and augmented reality devices to make these technologies more accessible and intuitive to use. Invoke naturally relies on innovation through R&D. Relationships with organisations like NIP give the team the ability to collaborate more easily with researchers at the university.

Vortex Power Systems | Members since July 2020

Sector: Power generation
Representatives: Perzaan Mehta
Staff connections: Richard Flay, Neil Hawkes (PhD candidate)

Vortex Power Systems started in the University of Auckland’s Wind Engineering lab and is focused on generating electricity from wasted heat. The company has recently received funding which will allow it to undertake proof of concept testing and potentially validate its unique technology.

NICKTHREESIXTY | Member since July 2019

Sector: Consultation
Representatives: Nick Jaques
Staff connections: Nick Reilly

Nick Jaques is a consultant working under the name NICKTHREESIXTY. His role sees him help businesses encourage creativity in their employees, and find the value of becoming more comfortable with failure.

Craft Media Workshop | Hot Desk since October 2019

Sector: Web Design and Content Production
Representatives: Lyn Collie
Staff connections: Business School

Content-producer, educator and screenwriter, Lyn is currently director of Craft Media Workshop, a boutique web design and content company specialising in hand-crafted solutions. “I’m all about connecting customers and audiences with businesses and ideas!”  Lyn joined the NIP community to reconnect with the university, enjoy the company of other freelance consultants and help build the NIP community.

David Huang | Member since June 2019

Sector: Consultation
Representatives: David Huang
Staff connections: Grant Covic, John Boys

David is an innovative R&D Engineer at Qualcomm Halo with over 14 years of experience in Inductive power transfer and Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging. His areas of expertise include System Design, Power Electronics and technology transfer, and supporting Licensees in new product development. Via his membership at NIP, David connects with our university IPT experts on a project basis.

Explore Mine | Members since October 2019

Sector: Augmented Reality 
Representatives: Adina Coomber
Staff connections: Vicente Gonzalez, Yuqian Lu, Transport Group

As a contractor and consultant Adina is currently based in Melbourne in a role with Siemens Gamesa. Adina connects with NIP to continue to grow her NZ start-up company Explore Mine, a custom, multi-dimensional content sharing platform combined with way-finding and location activation via Augmented Reality. Looking to take advantage of the post-graduate talent emerging from the Faculty of Engineering to further her project in the short-term, Adina also recognises the future potential of The University’s academic expertise and research activities in the area of machine learning.

Former members

Ficomms | Co-locators from May 2018 to 2020

Sector: Telecommunications 
Representatives: Sean Rainthorpe
Staff connections: Rajnish Sharma, Zoran Salcic

Ficomms was developing a family of electronic devices for maintenance and fault finding in optical fibre micro ducts. There were multiple opportunities for collaborative, fully or co-funded R&D projects.  Co-location at NIP allowed UoA to help nurture a startup set to bring disruptive innovation to the fibre installation market, bringing technical expertise to bear on challenges and facilitate project development.

Reason for leaving: Loss of investor, relocation

Hilti | Co-locators from April 2018 to April 2019, Members from 2019 to March 2020

Sector: Construction
Representatives: Jerry Ma, Ahmed Kamuna, Tara Hardie
Staff connections: Enrique del ray Castillo, Quincy Ma, Charles Clifton, Rick Henry, Lucas Hogan, Jonathan Culley, Business School

Hilti designs and produces leading edge technology and software products and invests significantly each year in research and development. Hilti connected with NIP to better enable extended opportunities for industry and academic networking and to seek further research in the development of codes & standards for the sector in NZ.  While no longer members of the precinct, they continue to pursue top student talent acquisition through recruitment activities with relevant faculties.

Reason for leaving: Several concurrent programmes of research came to an end and talent acquisition initiatives can continue without of a regular on-site presence

Hyperion Technologies (NZ) Ltd | Co-locators from June 2017

Sector: Aerospace 
Representatives: Stefan Powell
Staff connections: Jim Hefkey, Rajnish Sharma, Kean Aw

Hyperion Technologies (NL) was establishing a NZ subsidiary tasked with the development of the Hyperion CubeSat propulsion system from the current prototype to a commercial product. The combination of office space and potential access to the workshop and associated expertise, plus ready access to master and PhD students made NIP a great foundation location from which Hyperion could grow in NZ.

Reason for leaving: Relocation to Christchurch

Globex | Members from August 2019 to October 2020

Sector: Design and prototyping
Representatives: Craig Shannon
Staff connections: Nick Reilly

Globex is a product engineering company that designs hardware products for companies and startups. Craig believes many companies have the potential to reduce risk when developing products quickly. Craig runs open door sessions at the Newmarket Campus once a month and is interested in meeting people he can help with design issues or design process questions.

Memory | Hot Desk from September 2019 to October 2020

Sector: Product Design
Representatives: Russell Haines
Staff connections: Representatives from NZ Product Accelerator, CACM, RCSMS

Memory is an award-winning innovation agency with studios in Beijing & Auckland, working with innovation led organisations to design and develop future focused products. Russell, Founder and Design Director, currently bases himself out of NIP once a week to better connect with academic experts in the fields of biocomposites and biomaterials.