Douglas Nutrition

Douglas Nutrition develops and sells food and supplements for wellbeing, and was the first organisation to co-locate at the Newmarket Campus.



Douglas Nutrition is run like a startup. Roger Gower and Sarita Males focus on collaboration with other organisations and outsource their manufacturing. The team needed a space that would support the growth-oriented nature of the business, and could put them in touch with potential research partners and facilities. 

This was while Roger and Sarita were working on Douglas Nutrition’s Puria Vitamin D drops, which were intended for treating Vitamin D deficiency in infants and children. To ensure the product’s success, they needed approval from organisations such as Medsafe and Pharmac.



Douglas Nutrition became a valued co-locator within the Newmarket Innovation Precinct and still has a presence on site. The campus has been an important base of operations for Roger, especially while finalising the extensive dossier of material needed to apply for Pharmac approval.

Early in 2019, the Puria Vitamin D drops were released to market with Pharmac’s support. From December 2019, they became the only government-funded Vitamin D supplements available by prescription.  

Roger also believes by associating Douglas Nutrition with the University of Auckland the company gains a halo effect, and is perceived as being in the research and development space.