Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel Technologies found broader research opportunities when they started with a list of active clean-air researchers, initially through our campus-based NZ Product Accelerator.



Fisher & Paykel Technologies was looking for technology and research partners to help further develop healthy and clean-air products. The company was also looking to better understand the way the University of Auckland’s research environment functions, and how we could service product development goals. 

While F&P Technologies has a considerable research and development capacity, the team still sees value in engaging with academia. Not only can this engagement give the company access to new technology, it creates a talent pipeline as well – in this case encouraging researchers within New Zealand to work on drive systems for the motors in HVAC equipment. 



Matheus Bevilaqua, their Head of Research, was put in touch with NIP Manager Dr Enrico Tronchin to discuss the services we offer to those seeking innovation partners. It eventuated with the NIP providing introductions to the F&P team to our labs and researchers, opening them up to the variety of research taking place here.

F&P Technologies were thus able to expand their scope beyond their original intentions, and found more opportunities for collaboration. Not only did they find researchers with expertise in motor drive systems, they were also put in touch with companies they can partner with for projects such as building a new lab.

Matheus noted that working with the Newmarket Innovation Precinct greatly sped up the process of meeting and engaging with researchers and students, as they had guidance from the NIP team and were able to make useful connections much more effectively.