Invoke was started as a student project, and continues to work towards its goal of commercialising immersive mixed reality technologies.



Geoff Zink sees a lot of potential in the augmented reality (AR) space. The Part IV project that eventually led to funding through UniServices was a concept for object tracking in AR systems, and it’s this space between physical and virtual interfaces where Invoke continues to work.

The motivation comes from wanting to address the “inefficiency and abstraction” that Geoff says we’re used to dealing with when we interact with digital information. By using AR technologies as a bridge, digital information can be brought into the physical space where it can be much more intuitive



Geoff says it was only logical that Invoke would eventually connect with the Newmarket Innovation Precinct after being involved with Uniservices from early on. Invoke has a heavy emphasis on research and development, and a relationship like this gives the team the ability to hopefully influence research activity within the university and between faculties.

Invoke has continued to engage with the university by hiring interns to work on its Portal project, which is intended to be a handheld window into virtual reality (VR) and sidestep the need for a dedicated VR headset. Geoff believes this is a much more inclusive way for people to share the experiences associated with mixed reality technology.