Members of the Japan New Zealand Business Council (JNZBC) were offered a guided tour of our key research areas as part of a collaborative effort between UniServices and the Newmarket Innovation Precinct.



There has been a growing number of commercial partnerships between companies in Japan in New Zealand in the past few years, particularly in areas such as energy, robotics and artificial intelligence, and virtual and augmented reality.

Newmarket has been labelled an outreach campus, one that is intended to act as a showcase for innovation and high-level testing. This made it the perfect location to demonstrate New Zealand’s potential as an innovation partner to a group of visitors from abroad.



In November 2018, we leveraged Newmarket’s position as an outreach campus by arranging displays and demonstrations so that University of Auckland researchers and other startups from around New Zealand can showcase their expertise. Our ambassadors led tours for groups from the JNZBC of some of the significant research facilities based on site involving robotics, power systems, water engineering, and our Structures Testing Laboratory.

Technical and research staff from the Faculty of Engineering showed their willingness to engage with members of industry by promoting their research and the facilities they have access to at the Newmarket Campus. This cooperation is essential to growing NIP’s reputation for community-building, and in a way that will lead more opportunities like this in the future.